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xtorosaurusx's Journal

Danielle Marie

The Rundown: My name is Danielle Marie. I’m from California and love it. I'm a slightly awkward, odd, quiet, smart, inventive, lovable, caring, angsty, hello kitty crazed, introverted, occasionally forgetful, all around genuine amazing person.

Originally I was born in Salinas, California. Probably the most ghetto most crime filled place around. Twenty years later I now reside in Gilroy California. Not to far from Salinas but it is still very different, safer, and cleaner than Salinas could ever be. I am currently attending school to become a certified cosmetologist. I attend Gavilan Community College and am currently finishing up my first semester of cosmetology. I love school even though it stresses me out sometimes. And I only want to strive to do better so that I can have a good life.